Tarot Software Magic

This software contains 16 essays, representing the latest in tarot research and the history of the cards. Authentic card shuffling captures the exact mathematics of shuffling and cutting, while providing animated feedback. It can fan the cards for you to pick from, or you can use a physical deck if you prefer manual shuffling. Either way, Tarot Magic helps you interpret the way the cards land.

  • Positional interpretations--according to exactly where the cards land

  • 10 built-in decks

  • Readings can be saved or printed

  • Authentic card shuffling

Tarot Software Magic

Ultimate Home Horoscope & Tarot comes complete with four separate CD-ROMs, including The Oracle of Changes, Birth Horoscope Interpreter, The Art of Palmistry, and Tarot Magic


  • astrology, tarot readings, palmistry, and the I Ching

  • Combines ancient wisdom with modern technology

  • Authentic information

  • Suitable for beginners and advanced readers

Tarot Software Magic

Ultimate Home Horoscope & Tarot card reader