The luscious imagery of The Sacred Circle Tarot promises to be very thought provoking indeed. The book that accompanies the deck reflects a wiccan/druidic magickal practice but retains the ancient association of swords with air, wands with fire. Many of the new decks that reflect the wiccan tradition reverse the elemental meaning of swords and wands. Being a traditionalist, and follower of a Scottish shamanic path, I prefer to use decks that keep the swords as air and wands as fire. This deck, begun over 15 years ago, could only be completed in the manner the duo envisioned when they discovered the computer program Adobe Photoshop. Unlike other photographically collaged tarot decks, The Sacred Circle layers several different images with illustrations (ie. dragons and other non-photographic creatures/symbols) in a single scene as if the real and astral appeared in the same moment for the photographer's lens. The effect of the layering is surreal, opening a psychic doorway for the user by drawing the eye into a rich scenic image. It is rare for both a deck and book to capture my heart, Sacred Circle does so and more.

The Sacred Circle Tarot : A Celtic Pagan Journey

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