This tarot set is wonderful.. I own hundreds of tarot decks including this one the celtic tarot card.. This set is perfect celtic tarot card for beginners as well as experienced tarot readers. The booklet gives straight thru meanings of each celtic tarot card, shows how spreads work, and even gives you meditations you can use.. The celtic tarot cards them selves are wonderful pieces of artwork. I promise that once you start using this.. you won't be disappointed I can't remember the last time I liked a new celtic tarot deck as much as I like this one, and I wasn't even a dragon fan, at least not in the magical sense, but something drew me to it. It's extremely well done. The artwork is just beautiful. I feel like I'm entering a magical celtic tarot kingdom every time I pick up the deck. When I bought it I figured it would be another one of those decks I keep just for the artwork, but as soon as I began to really look at it, I realized I'll be using it to the exclusion of most of my other celtic tarot decks. I just can't gush enough about this one!

The Celtic Dragon Tarot Cards